*Tips for Kitchen Remodeling and Renovation

October 26, 2012

Looking at various new kitchen designs on the web or home improvement magazines make a lot of homeowners long to tweak and renovate a kitchen only a few years old without any wear.  Knowing the kind of kitchen we want is the easy part.  The hard part is making it work in our own home and making it fit the budget.

Before rushing into picking out a kitchen design, it is best to be aware of your current kitchen size and dimension.  Make sure the design you choose will not create a cramped kitchen.  A basic rule to follow is leave 36 inches of space in between the fixtures in the kitchen.  After determining the size you are working with, set a budget for your kitchen remodeling.  That quartz countertop on the kitchen island blows you away but going ahead and choosing quartz with no budget to follow may not leave you enough to replace the grubby floor you hate.  A budget would ensure your new kitchen comes out exactly as you planned.  It may not come out as the first kitchen you chose (unless your budget is really up there) but working within your means would make it come close as you get the option to choose alternate materials or fixtures that will not blow your pocket.

One major decision homeowners will also have to make with kitchen remodeling is if the current layout should be kept or if the option to tear down most of the current kitchen and reinvent everything.  Of course, the major consideration for this would be budget.  Tearing up almost everything will definitely cost more.  Another consideration would be time.  Remodeling on a current layout will make things easier and speed up the process.

Whatever you decide, the most solid foundation for a successful kitchen renovation is good planning.  Don’t be in a rush and enjoy the preparation as much as seeing everything slowly materialize before your eyes.

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