*Great Choices for Nursery Flooring

June 19, 2012

Decorating a nursery ahead of a new arrival can be a lot of fun for parents but it is not without its difficulties.

For instance, choosing a flooring option for the new baby’s room can pretty complex. What is going to be stylish yet safe for baby once he or she begins to crawl? As well as easy to clean? Here are some tips:

Carpet – Contrary to what some people believe modern carpets do not harbor allergens to irritate babies’ lungs. In fact quite the opposite, a good carpet traps possible allergens in the air, making them easy to vacuum away. Carpeting, of course, gives Moms and Dads a great deal of design versatility as well as lends a warm and friendly air to any nursery.

Cork – A hard flooring surface is super easy to clean, but in the minds of many parents a hardwood floor is rather unforgiving and not necessarily the best flooring for baby to try taking his or her first steps on. One excellent alternative is cork flooring. Cork flooring is as durable, beautiful and easy to clean as other hardwood options but also has a softness and elasticity making it a very baby friendly choice. Another reason cork makes an excellent nursery flooring is its ability to retain warmth very well, meaning the baby will have a nice comfortable floor to crawl across once they are ready to try.

Hardwood – If the baby’s room already has hardwood floors you do not need to replace them. Hardwood floors actually look great in the nursery and as long as Baby is supervised at all times the harder flooring surface should not pose any problems. Adding a warm area rug or two is a good idea as well although parents may want to secure them to the floor with a removable carpet tape for safety when the baby gets older. Before the new arrival comes home, have a flooring professional come in to sand and refinish the hardwood flooring in the room to make it gleam like the day it was first laid.

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