*How and Why to Waterproof your Deck

September 9, 2011

wooden deckWood is one of the most beautiful materials used for the home.  Unfortunately, it can be vulnerable to the elements and is not recommended outdoors unless treated. Even pressure-treated wood can rot outdoors without protection!  Thus, for homeowners who want wooden decks, waterproofing regularly is a necessity if they want their wooden to lasts for a long period. The best option for a wooden deck is redwood and cedar as they weather naturally.  Despite their resilience, both types of wood can still splinter if not treated.  As such, wooden decks should be treated at least every 18 months to keep it in top shape.

Waterproofing can be done through water repellants or through staining.  Staining is more popular because it allows more flexibility in the coloring of the wood and can be matched with the house design as well. Stains are available in two options: solid to match the trims of the home or washed stain which allows for the grains of the wood to show through. On the other hand, water repellants withstand most water stains and oils.

When installing a new wooden deck, remember: it is best to wait a few months before applying any treatment since most newly bought woods have been pre-treated and anything in addition will not penetrate the wood.


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