*Stress Management During Home Remodeling

September 2, 2011

kitchen remodelOne of the most stressful projects any family may have to undertake is home remodeling.  Aside from having workers in the house, limited access to a bathroom, kitchen or other areas can cause anxiety to the family.  The mess everyone sees around the house and problems on where to put things as the work is in progress is enough make anyone lose their mind.  This is the time you’ll hear complaining and so much bickering on even the most trivial of things.  To ease stress on the mind and the body, it would be a good idea to prepare for what your family will be up against and plan remedies ahead of time.

1) Timing is Everything – Plan your remodel appropriately.  Don’t think about fixing your chimney close to winter.  Remodeling the bathroom should be done during summer when the kids are not going to school and there’s no rush in using the bath area.

2)  Discuss with the Contractor -  Talk to your contractor about timelines, storage space, and health hazards.  Find out how much time the work will take.  During this time, you may need to take anyone in the family with allergies to stay with relatives while the work is ongoing.  Storage space for tools, materials, and furnishings should also be planned to minimize clutter in the home.

3)  Fix your Budget – Over and above everything else, a remodeling gone beyond budget is the most stressful of all.  Make sure you have prepared your budget ahead of time and allocated for contingencies for your peace of mind.

4)  Monitor Progress and Quality – Always keep a keen eye on the quality of work during the remodel to ensure it is up to the standards agreed upon.  Checking everything only when it is completed can mean more cost and time, not to mention major disagreements with your contractor.  Check the work is on schedule to keep your contractor on his toes.

5) Schedule Trips with the Family – It is during a remodel you may want to schedule trips or lunch outside with the family.  Not only will it give the family a break from all the mess and noise, it will also give the workers more room to get the work done faster.

Remember to keep your family’s sanity intact during a home remodeling, it is essential to plan, plan, and plan.  When you’re prepared for almost anything, you’re not biting your nails everyday hoping no surprises come your way.

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