*Tips for Studio Apartment Design

August 7, 2011

efficiency_apartmentYoung single men and women who are just starting out on their own usually begin with a studio apartment or an efficiency apartment.  A studio or efficiency apartment is a small one-room area which accommodates the living room, sleeping area, kitchen, and bathroom.  Due to the limited space, it is essential to properly manage the layout and the furnishings, preventing a cramped place.  Despite the small area, there are ways to give it adequate legroom and appear more spacious than it actually is.

The key to maximizing space in a studio apartment is using multi-purpose furniture.  There are couches with built-in storage boxes beneath which can be used for storage.  Same thing can be done for kitchen countertops where the bottom area can be made into drawers or cabinets for pots and other kitchen implements.  Aside from having additional storage spaces, these furnitures should complement the size of the apartment.  Bulky couches or big chairs will eat up on the walking area within the apartment.

Use the walls to organize other implements in the home.  Instead of getting a bookshelf or an entertainment center, mount your television on the wall or attach panels on the wall to serve as bookshelf.  Install hooks and organizers on walls or behind doors where jackets, hats, or umbrellas can be hung.

Use monochromatic colors for your apartment make it seem larger.  It is also advisable to utilize light colors such as white which will reflect more light inside the area.  Dark walls can actually make the apartment look smaller and crowded together with the furnishings.

Another secret to making a small apartment appear larger are mirrors.  Instead of frames, you may opt to decorate walls with mirrors.  Mirrors reflect light and the surrounding area, giving the impression of bigger space.    Aside from mirrors, keep decors to a minimum.  Too much small frames, candles, or vase can clutter your apartment which will make it feel much more uncomfortable to walk around considering the already limited leg room.


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