*Pet Friendly Flooring Ideas

August 28, 2011

Most families love to have pets in their home. Although, many hold off on pets because of the possible effects it would have on flooring and furnishings. No matter how well a pet is potty-trained, accidents still happen. Pets can actually ruin a good carpet or hardwood floors. Though there are remedies when such accidents occur, it still means additional costs for repairs or clean-ups. Pets also mean scratches or gouges on floors. So, if you have a beloved pet, you have to consider the type of flooring especially.

If you have hardwood floors, make sure you apply an extra coat of polyurethane to protect your wood floor from scratches and stains. Rugs and carpets can also provide an extra layer of protection. If you decide to have carpets, stay away from shag carpets or those with loop fibers. Loop fibers can trap pet claws and deteriorate faster. Choose one with a high rating or ask your carpet salesman which would be ideal for a house with pets.

A more popular options for pet lovers are vinyl floors. It is stain resistant and those with durable wear layers will stand up against most pets.  Another option would be laminate flooring.  Like vinyl, it has wear layers that keeps it protected from scratches and pet urine.

Some pet lovers prefer carpet tiles.  Accidents or damages can be easily replaced.  Just ensure you purchase enough spares for the replacement.  Those who want the look of hardwood floors can also choose bamboo floors as alternative.  Bamboo is hard and stain resistant.  It is also known to be more resilient against liquids and moisture.

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