*Choosing the RIGHT Home Improvements

August 4, 2011

Home improvement

If you feel like there is still a possibility you might go for a new home and sell the one you have at the moment, it would be prudent to choose home improvement meant to increase your home’s value rather than degrade it.  Most homeowners always have a tendency to impose their personal style and preference on their home without considering the overall impact on value.  Home improvement should find the balance between design preference and saleability.  Here are some improvements with the ability to hurt your chances of getting the best value for your home.

1)  Extreme Design/Installations – Renovations in the kitchen or bathroom involving designs considered over-the-top or too edgy can limit potential buyers.  Classic styles are still the safe choice.  If you do want to put a little edge on your design, temper it in a way without making changes too costly.  Additional installations like extra refrigerators or steam showers/bubble jet baths can limit your potential buyers.  Some installations may be too much for some buyers who do not want the extra features nor the possible extra utility consumption.

2)  Painting – Choose neutral colors if you decide to repaint prior to selling.  Bright and unusual hues such as green, red, or even black can be unattractive to buyers since it may need repainting to accommodate or match furnishings.  A home requiring minimal changes is more favorable since it will not involve additional costs.

3)  Unnecessary Space – Footage dedicated to specific activities can mean additional cost for buyers who may need to renovate a space that will not be used.  Don’t make home improvement too personal.

4)  Illegal Improvements – Make sure that all the improvements in your home have the necessary permits required by local authorities.  Illegal installations are a turn-off and may cost more if they need to be removed.

5)  DIY Improvements – Before selling a house, it is almost certain some repairs will be needed.  Better to get a professional to do them since bad workmanship can be be the deal breaker.

Remember: if you plan to sell your house in the future, keep the design as traditional as possible.  Choose durable and elegant materials such as hardwood or granite.  Buyers of homes will need to shell out substantial funds and the concept of shelling out for renovation can be too much of a hassle, not to mention just too costly.  Keep home improvement to a design broadly accepted and less personal.


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