*Using Natural Stone in Your Home

July 3, 2011

Natural stone can be one of the most attractive finishing materials for any home.  It can also be used for both indoors or outdoors.  Stone exudes a natural look to any home, especially outdoors where stone pavements or landscapes are kept in their natural color and state as much as possible. Stone can also be used for indoor flooring and wall surfaces as well.  For indoor flooring, stone is usually refined further to become smooth and glossy.  Stone can also be used in more varied ways to make a home beautiful.

Stone is popular as pathways or landscapes outdoors.  It is the perfect complement to a garden landscape.  Usually keeping its rough texture, natural stone tiles can serve as walkways  on a garden.  These can be matched by stone blocks as outdoor stairways.

Another elegant use for natural stone are mosaics, designed for flooring or walls.  Some mosaic stones can even be intricate enough to represent images of people or animals.  Then again, other mosaic stones can feature unique patterns, definitely be an asset to any home.  For mosaics, small stones or pebbles are utilized to create the design in various earthy hues including blue and gray.

Natural stones can also be used to create artistic sculptures outdoors.  It can also be used for fountains in the garden to mimic waterfalls.  River stones are also used to mask plastic linings or to adorn a filtration box.  If designed and installed properly, natural stones will add value to any home.

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