*The Natural Beauty of Travertine

July 16, 2011

Travertine is a type of sedimentary rock used as flooring, pathways, wall finish, or pavers.  It is usually found around hot springs or wet caves.  It typically contains various mineral deposits and has a rough texture.  It also has tiny holes made by organisms and air bubbles.  Travertine has a limited color range and usually comes in beige, cream, white, yellow, or red.  Travertine can be purchased as filled tiles where the holes are filled to create a smooth and even surface.  It is also available with its holes left untouched for a more natural design.

This natural stone is particularly ideal as outdoor pathways or pool pavers.  Then again, its natural beauty still compels a lot of homeowners to use it indoors.  However, travertine is vulnerable to acids and may not be suitable in all areas of the home.  The kitchen is not a recommended area for travertine due to possible spills from fruit juices or vinegar.  Though it is usually sealed for protection against the elements, it would still be best to use it as a back splash or shower wall rather than a kitchen floor or countertop.

What makes travertine perfect for outdoors is its natural resilience to extreme heat and cold.  Even if exposed to direct sunlight, travertine remains cool to the touch.  It is also strong to temperatures below freezing.  It’s natural rough surface also makes it skid-resistant.  These are the main characteristics making it a preferred option for swimming pool pavers.

A downside to travertine is the limitations in color.  Since it is a natural stone, it can only come in colors nature dictates.  It may not be possible to look for bright colors as it comes in earth colors of beige, brown, gold, or cream.  In terms of cost, it is not an expensive choice but there are cheaper options out there.  Nevertheless, cheaper options will not give you the same beauty of natural travertine on your garden path, outdoor patio, or bathroom wall.

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