*Optimizing Space in a Loft

July 24, 2011

Lofts are upper open spaces used for a variety of purposes.  In barns, it is often used as additional storage space.  In apartments or condominiums, lofts are built to provide extra space for a bedroom, study/office, or playroom.

Due to the limited space, furnishings should be modern and provide additional storage space.  A bed or a sofa should ideally have shelves or drawers to maximize space.  Ottoman chairs doubling as as storage box are also perfect for lofts.

A greatest advantage of lofts is the presence of natural lighting because of its high location.  Though windows are ideal for lofts, it can make the room warm because of the entry of sunlight.  Heat reflective windows can help stabilize temperature.  However, window treatments would look better.  There are great blinds or shades to insulate the room and at the same time allow the right amount of sunlight to illuminate the area.

In building a loft, it is important to consult a professional regarding the necessary reinforcements since it would involve substantial weight.  Though it can be built to support heavy furnishings and even a bathroom, it is still best to keep materials such as flooring and furnishings as lightweight as possible.

A loft not only provides a great design for an apartment or studio, it also serves as an efficient use of space in any area.  Lofts provide additional space without the difficulty of constructing an entire second floor or additional room in the house.



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