*Different Types of Carpet Cleaning

July 17, 2011

Carpets are one of the most popular types of flooring because of the limitless design, the comfort, and additional insulation it provides.  However, the critical aspect about carpet is the cleaning.  Carpets are breeding grounds for microbes and allergens.  It is essential they are cleaned regurlarly and properly.  Aside from easily accumulating dusts, dirt, and microbes, carpets are vulnerable to stains.  Though there are now treatments making them more resilient, regular cleaning is still necessary.  There are different types of cleaning for carpets and will depend on the type of traffic the carpets are subjected to.

1) Shampoo -  This is the least effective of all types of carpet cleaning.  It involves the use of detergents which are agitated by a cleaning machine.  The shampoo is then taken out with a vacuum.  The shampoo will smell good and clean right after, but the allergens and microbes are more likely still in the carpet.

2)  Dry Cleaning Method -  The dry cleaning method uses a chemical powder placed on the carpet which attracts dirt.  This is then vacuumed from the carpet.  The good thing about dry cleaning is the carpet is never wet.

3)  Foam Cleaning -  This is a combination of shampoo and dry cleaning where a foam detergent is used to attract the dirt and vacuumed away.  Unlike shampoo, there is very minimal water used and this is extracted easily by the vacuum.

4)  Bonnet Cleaning -  This type of carpet cleaning is designed only for commercial areas.  It focuses primarily on appearance rather than deep cleaning.  It is not performed on residential carpets.

5)  Steam Cleaning -  It is also known as hot water extraction and is considered the most effective type of carpet cleaning.  It involves the use of a powerful machine that injects a hot water solution into the carpet.  The solution is extracted by the machine and eliminates as much of the microbes as possible.

Deep cleaning of carpets is not actually recommended to be performed frequently.  If carpets are cleaned regularly at home, professional deep cleaning is can be done less often.


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