*Cozy Up Your Room with Wood Panels

July 28, 2011

Wood has always been a popular home and office finishing material because of the warmth it exudes, yet elegant enough to give your home or office a distinguished look.  Most homeowners opt for hardwood floors and furnishing.  Another option would be wood panels lining the walls or ceiling.  Wood panels can be made from real wood, wood veneers, or medium density fiberboards (MDF).  Of course, the most beautiful and durable are those made from real wood.  It is also the most expensive.  These can be made from cedar, pine, or redwood.  It is also available as wood planks or panels engraved with a distinct design.

If real wood panels are out of your budget, MDF will do.  Though not as durable as real wood, the advantage of MDF is resilience to warping or bending.  It is water resistant and quite easy to maintain.  It does not look as luxurious as authentic wood, but it is a good alternative for those who want wood on their walls or ceilings.

More than just for aesthetic purposes, wood panels can also serve to cover damaged walls.  Wood panels can cover entire walls or just partial paneling to serve as highlight.  Wood paneling can also come in different finishes.  For those who want the warm look of wood, a natural finish of polyurethane will be the best option to show off the natural grain of the wood.  Panels can also be painted to match or complement the colors of the room.

For real wood panels, it would be best to acclimatize the wood before installation.  Keep it in the room for about 24 hours before installation.  For basement areas where humidity and moisture is an issue, keep the wood panels in the area for 48 hours before beginning installation.

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