*Wooden Floors for Your Bathroom?

June 12, 2011

Despite the advent of new materials in flooring, hardwood flooring remains the most elegant, timeless, and beautiful.  Hardwood floors are known to last for decades if cared for properly.  However, it does have a weakness no sealant can truly protect — water and moisture.  As such, no matter how great wood might look inside the bathroom, it’s just not a practical idea.  Hardwood floors in the bathroom would be subjected to excessive moisture and water, deteriorating faster and cycling through expansion/contraction erratically most of the time.

Do you want a predominantly wooden look to your bathroom?  It is still possible.  It can be done at lower cost,less repair and less maintenance than hardwood. Technology has now made it possible for ceramic to mimic any type of material, even wood.  Considering ceramic tile is the best material for bathrooms, finding one best replicating the look of wood will be the best design option for you.  These ceramic tiles can come in almost any type of wood and in almost any shade.

Love the look of those spas with their wooden floors and walls?  Well, it is possible with ceramic tiles.  You get the look of wood, but with the water and moisture resistance of ceramic.  Match these wood imitation ceramic tiles with natural stone and you now have a bath area like it just jumped out of a home improvement magazine.

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