*Restoration of Wooden Decks

June 24, 2011

Homes with a natural theme are usually built with wood in the front porch or in the backyard.  Wooden decks are usually made from redwood, cedar, or pine as they are resistant to insects and decay.  However, despite the durability, these decks can lose luster and become discolored over time due to weather conditions and sun exposure.  Grime, mildew, and dirt build up can also dull any wooden deck.  As such, it is important to clean and refurbish often to increase their life span.

The first thing to do to bring your wooden deck back to its glory is by cleaning the floor as much as possible, removing all debris and grime.  Use a spray nozzle and spray the entire area with water, making sure the crevices are cleaned.

Make a soap solution of 1/2 cup of liquid laundry detergent to 3 gallons of warm water.  Mix well until the detergent is completely dissolved.  Using the soap solution, scrub the wooden deck with a stiff bristled brush. Then, rinse the deck with water again using the spray nozzle. Make sure you rinse the deck thoroughly to remove the dirt loosened by scrubbing.  You may replace the laundry detergent with biodegradable wood cleaner if possible. Remember to clean the brush before scrubbing again to avoid putting back dirt or grime into the deck. 

Prepare a solution of 1 part borate and 3 parts water.  Wear protective gloves and glasses while mixing the solution.  Spray the solution on the whole deck to protect the wood from algae and decay. Do not rinse the deck and simply allow it to air dry for 3 days.

Mix a gallon of oil-based wood stain with a half pint of varnish and stir well.  Apply 2 coats of the wood stain on the entire deck.  Allow each coat to dry 24 hours upon application.  After about a year, apply another coat of wood stain on the deck to keep it looking just as good.

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