*How Do You Use your Kitchen Island?

June 4, 2011

One of the best innovations in modern design is the  ability to allow one area to serve multiple functions.  This is especially true for homes with limited area or space and more so for those with large families.  The area best known to have friends and family converging is always in the kitchen.

The kitchen island is what serves as the flexible area for different functions.  It was commonly used as a prep area.  Now, the family uses the area to eat, do homework, or just chat.  So, how do you intend to make the most of your kitchen island?

If you are doing kitchen remodeling, maybe this is the best time to consider the functions the kitchen island can do for the family.  The design and height of the kitchen island will depend on how you intend to use it.

For a family where cooking is a serious activity, the kitchen island will best serve as a prep area.  For this purpose, integrating the sink on the kitchen island would be a great idea.  Placing storage spaces within the kitchen island for pots, pans, and other cooking implements would also work well for a prep area.  An integrated chopping board or butcher’s block on the island would also be perfect for this purpose.

Some use the kitchen island for entertaining friends or even as an informal dining area.  A kitchen countertop made of granite or quartz would give the kitchen island the necessary elegance for this type of function.  The kitchen island can have matching stools that can be hidden under the counter when it is not used for dining.

Then again, some people feel comfortable working on the kitchen island.  Along with a stool, your kitchen island will need space for a phone or a laptop.  This can be the area where you balance your checkbook, check the budget, or even do work from the office.  Your children can even do their homework on the island while eating snacks and getting mom’s help while she is preparing dinner.

Your kitchen island’s design should match the family’s lifestyle.  Just remember: the functional possibilities are limitless.

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