*Plan an Efficient Kitchen Design

May 29, 2011

The kitchen is believed to be the heart of the home.  The family almost always gathers in the kitchen during light-hearted moments to share stories or bond together.  As such, many take great effort in designing the kitchen.  Everyone wants a kitchen with a warm and open feeling yet efficient enough to get work done faster and in comfort. The secret to this type of atmosphere may be an open kitchen design.

A bright and open kitchen usually doesn’t have upper cabinets.  Storage and space is often limited to just base cabinets.  Additional storage space can be placed on the kitchen islands with shelves or drawers.  The area will appear roomier with pots, pans, and utensils displayed rather than kept inside upper drawers.  The upper walls can also have windows and artwork.

For efficiency while doing work, use a work triangle involving the sink, refrigerator, and the stove.  These 3 essential equipment should be placed closer together in a triangle position.  These are the most used equipment during kitchen work and you will need fewer steps between them to get work done more efficiently.  The stove should be installed on a wall with the sink across an island.  The refrigerator can be placed on either side of the stove.

A kitchen island with stools on the sides will give lots of opportunities for friends and family to gather in the area for a drink or snacks while the cook is working on the prep area.  This kind of set-up makes the kitchen more open to company and bonding moments.

Make sure the kitchen is well lit to maintain the open atmosphere.  Windows or skylights are perfect to allow natural light inside the kitchen.  If these are not possible, make sure the colors in the area are pale or neutral to reflect more light.  A bright kitchen will appear roomier and more cozy.

For small homes, many have found clearing out a wall to connect the kitchen with the dining area or other parts of the home appears to expand the entire space.  With a wall down, more light is infused in the kitchen and makes it even more welcome to company.

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