*Choosing Bathroom Sinks and Lavatories

May 1, 2011

Over the years, advancement in technology and design has made it possible to get more options for your bathroom sink or lavatory.  Not only are they available in different designs but they are also now made in different materials.  Traditional sinks are usually made of white porcelain.  Now, they are available in almost any color available.  Aside from enamel and porcelain, lavatories can be made from almost any material such as glass, natural stone, metal, and even bamboo.

Bathroom sinks are categorized according to how it is supported.  They can be countertop-mounted sinks, pedestal sinks, wall-mounted basins, or the recently popular, console sinks.  Those mounted on countertops are easier to maintain since they are installed seamless into the counter.   For small bathrooms, the best options are wall-mounted lavatories .  Although, the most popular choice have lately been the console sink which typically resembles a basin placed on top of a table.  They work well with any type of bathroom designbut are most preferred with a vintage-style baths.  Those who use the console design usually use sinks made from exotic materials such as bamboo, glass, or natural stone.  If you’ve got the budget, these can even be matched with intricately designed faucets parallel to a work of art.

For bathrooms requiring more storage area for a big family, it may be necessary to use a design with a lot of countertop space or those with vanity cabinets and drawers.  It may be tempting to go for a great-looking lavatory.  But functionality should always be the priority in the end.

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