*Give your Kitchen Cabinets a New Face

April 24, 2011

After a few years, it’s normal to find wear and tear on kitchen cabinetry.  The kitchen is considered a hub of activity and we use those cabinet doors and drawers more than any others in the home.  How do you know its time to reface your kitchen cabinetry?  It’s time when paint chipping or scratches are already visible on the doors.  It’s also time if hinges feel loose or drawers start getting jammed.

Depending on how much wear is already present, cost can be lower than an entire kitchen remodel.  As such, it is advisable not to prolong periods in between refacing your cabinets.  You can also implement cabinetry refacing if you want to change the colors of your cabinets.  In this case, what you need is just repainting.  If you have wood cabinet doors, you may want to sand the doors prior to repainting to remove stains and scratches.  Before choosing your colors, you may want to get some ideas from new catalogs or the internet to get a feel of the current design trends in kitchen cabinetry.

Another alternative to repainting would be veneers, applied by heat or self-sticking adhesive with a paper backing.  Professionals use heating tools to apply these but it can be done with a simple clothes iron.

If you’ve had your cabinets for a long period, sanding and repainting the front doors may not be enough.  If you installed standard sizes for your kitchen cabinetry, it would be easier to visit dealers and find cabinet doors in different designs to fit your old cabinet.  You can even add new features in your cabinets such as roll out organizers or shelves which can improve storage and organization in your kitchen.


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