*Design Ideas for Galley Kitchens

April 10, 2011

Galley kitchens are those constructed as a short hallway in the home to save space.  These are also referred to as corridor kitchens and are packed with storage, appliances, and counters on opposite sides of the wall.   The corridor or width of a galley kitchen is often measured at less than 40 inches.  Therefore, it is understandable, it is impossible to accommodate a kitchen island.

Designers suggest one idea to make a galley kitchen look bigger is to streamline the area by placing small appliances behind cabinetry.  More important is choosing slimmer appliances to provide you with more elbow room while working around the kitchen.

Most galley kitchens are also designed with the work triangle to make work more efficient.  The work triangle consists of the oven, the sink, and the refrigerator which are located in 3 points in the kitchen to form a triangle.  The work triangle works best with galley kitchens because of the compact space.  It is known to be more efficient if the distance between the points do not exceed 26 inches.

Due to the small space, the color theme of a galley kitchen should be in whites or pastels to make it look brighter and more open.  Darker shades will make it look more cramped.  To bring in more light, it would be a great idea to use glass tiles for the backsplash or allow the sun to always pour in through a window if it is equipped with one.  It would also be ideal to install light colored or glossy flooring to add more light.

To make the corridor area look wider, install tiles with have bigger dimensions such as 12 x 12.  If you prefer planks, install them horizontally rather than vertically.  The smaller space also allows homeowners to indulge their galley kitchens with more luxurious materials such as quartz or granite.  Cabinetry can be made from hardwood that will look elegant.  These would have involved a more expensive budget had the kitchen space been bigger.

Remember: designing a kitchen to be functional and beautiful does not require a large space.  With creativity and innovation, it is possible to be the proud owner of a well-designed galley kitchen.

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