*Guide to Buying Toilets

April 9, 2011

Toilets are available in different models, colors, and styles.  Many of us are likely to select a toilet on the sole reason of matching batroom design. However, there is more to choosing a toilet than just making your bathroom look good.  There are a numerous amount of more important factors to consider such as water flushing capacity and size.

Aside from color and design, there are 2 types of toilets — manufactured as either one-piece or two-piece units.  This means they arrive with the tank separate from the toilet or as one solid unit.  The advantage of a one-piece unit is the lack of space around the tank, making it more difficult to clean. For smaller bathrooms, there are wall-mounted toilets. Unfortunately, these are not common and can be expensive to install.

Another factor worthy of consideration are the types of flushing equipment.  Though Federal Law now requires new toilets to consume only 1.6 gallons per flush as against the 3 to 7 gallons consumed by traditional toilets, there are different types of equipment powering the flushing action.  Traditional toilets use a gravity-assist flushing equipment which utilizes weight of the water.  But with the limit on water consumption, this type of system is less likely clean the toilet as compared to when there was more water for use.  A more efficient system for flushing would be the pressure-assisted flushing, consuming less water but requiring more electricity. Unlike gravity-assisted flushing, pressure-assisted flushing is less likely to clog the toilet.  However, it will require more maintenance and possible repairs.

Toilets with a decently sized trap are also important to find as well as the flush valve inside the tank.  When these are bigger, they are perform more efficiently.  Finally, make sure you measure the distance of the center of the bowl to the wall.  Though this is more or less standard in most cases, some people would like a different sized seat.

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