*Types of Stone Tile Flooring

March 12, 2011

Stone and ceramic floors are known to be the earliest building materials.  These have been found in ancient structures and have endured centuries.  And until the present times, stone and ceramic floors are showcased in entryways, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and patios.  Both stone and ceramic floors are installed on flat and solid substrates and finished with grout.  While much have been said about ceramic tiles, most people are not totally familiar with stone flooring.  Stone flooring comes in 2 major types.

1.  Polished Stone Floors – Natural stone floors are polished exude a grand stately appearance fit for a palace.  The gleaming surface will vary in color and pattern depending on the type of stone used.  The most popular options for polished stone are granite and marble which are perfect for lobbies or living rooms.  Travertine is another choice but being a soft stone like marble, it will need to be sealed to be protected from stains and moisture.  These are heavy and thus would require a very strong substrate.

2.  Tumbled or Rough Stone Floors – For a natural and rustic design, rough stones are a great choice.  Though these are usually used outdoors, some are sanded and also used indoors.  Slate is one of the most durable stone for floors and comes in a variety of shades.  It is slip resistant due to its texture and will not need protection from stains or moisture.  Tiles can be irregular in shape or appearance making grout lines likewise irregular in width.  However, these actually match the rough look of the floor.

Stone flooring is usually installed for structures or homes with nature themes such as cottages or resort houses.  Regardless of the type of stone, it is an excellent choice for flooring requiring less maintenance and care than hardwood floors.

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