*Kitchen Islands for Small Kitchens

March 15, 2011

Most kitchen lovers put a lot of effort to the design of their kitchen in their home.  And one typically desired item in any kitchen are kitchen islands.  Kitchen islands are convenient for food preparation and storage.  It can also serve as an eating area during less formal occasions for two or three people.  However, most designers recommend kitchen islands only for those with ample square footage.  Current kitchen design trends will beg to disagree though.  Having a small kitchen does not necessarily mean a kitchen island is out of the question.  It is possible!

The most obvious option for a small kitchen is a small kitchen island.  Various manufacturers now make kitchen islands to fit small areas in consideration of kitchens for apartments, condos, or pads.  Of course, these kitchen islands cannot be comparable to those for large kitchen areas.  Small kitchen islands are less likely to have expensive countertops and there is limited storage.  Despite the smaller work area, it still serves its purpose.

Another option would be movable kitchen islands.  These are equipped with wheels and can be relocated conveniently in another area when not in use.  This would mean the kitchen will not be cramped unnecessarily most of the time.  There are even movable kitchen islands with the appearance of being permanent as the with wheels can be masked underneath the bottom ledge.

Finally, a viable kitchen island option for small kitchens are work or prep tables.  These are small tables where food can be prepared or a small group of people can dine informally.  These also have almost no area for storage and is primarily used for preparation and dining instead.

If you have a small kitchen, it is unlikely you will find a kitchen island as functional as those applicable to large kitchen areas.    Nevertheless, it does not take away the fact: small kitchens can still benefit from kitchen islands.  All it takes is the ability to adapt to the limits of size and design.

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