*Ideas for Kitchen Backsplash

March 26, 2011

Kitchen backsplash provides a critical accent and overall compliments kitchen design. This doesn’t necessarily mean the same color as the countertop or the floor.  As a matter of fact, most take the opportunity to place a bit more flair on the backsplash.

Before considering the type and design of your kitchen backsplash, it would be a good idea to evaluate your cooking habits.  If you are the type of cook prone to being a bit more sloppy, you may want to consider a type of material resistant to stains, making cleaning a breeze.  Glazed ceramic tiles are perfect for this.  However, it would be best to use bigger tiles, minimizing the tile grout as it is vulnerable to stains even when sealed.  Natural stones such as granite or slate are options but these have to be sealed to protect them from stains. Unfortunately, creative designs are limited with solid or engineered stones.

More creativity can actually be applied to kitchen backsplashes from tiles.  Here are some ideas to create a wonderful kitchen backsplash able to highlight of any kitchen.

1)  Complement the Floor/Countertop – Your kitchen backsplash can match the color of your kitchen floor or countertop.  These same colors can also be accents to the backsplash design you decide.  It is essential to make sure the backsplash becomes a cohesive part of your kitchen design.

2)  Mix Different Materials – The backsplash can have ceramics mixed with glass tiles to create unique designs.  Unglazed ceramic tiles can also be mixed with glazed ceramic or glass tiles, giving your kitchen a slight rustic charm.

3)  Create Mosaics or Murals – Mosaics are small ceramic or glass tiles in different colors, often put together to create a bigger image on the backsplash. Although mosaics tend to be more expensive due to the amount of skill and time required for craftsmanship, the result will be worth it if you have a kitchen backsplash reminiscent of ancient walls in Turkey or Persia.  Murals are also possible with handpainted ceramic tiles to accent the regular ceramic tiles.

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