*Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

March 13, 2011

A common challenge in interior design has always been to maximize small spaces.  Not all of us reside in posh homes with limitless space.  As a matter of fact, many have to make the most of small areas.  The bathroom is more of a dilemma considering the furnishings and fixtures needed for a functional bathroom.  How do we fit in a toilet, sink, vanity cabinet, and a shower without cramping the area?  Here are some ideas and tips for those with small bathrooms.

  1. Use light paint colors such as pastels, white, or grays to make the bathroom look bigger.  Darker hues are acceptable as long as you choose a semi-gloss finish.
  2. Ensure the bathroom is properly lighted as dark bathrooms will appear smaller.  Designers suggest ceiling lights or something over the sink.
  3. Use clear glass for shower glass doors or enclosures.  If glass is not possible, make sure you use transparent shower curtains to allow light to enter.
  4. Do not install anything protruding outwards on walls.  If necessary, keep it at a minimum to avoid becoming a hindrance when people move around the area.
  5. If vanities are necessary, choose a small one.  Otherwise, opt or a wall-mounted sink or simple pedestal sinks as they do not eat up too much space.
  6. Install floor tiles diagonally.  This creates the illusion of a bigger space.  The same effect can be achieved with large tiles together with thin grout lines.
  7. Tile the bathroom wall up to the ceiling.  It will make the ceiling look higher and the area bigger.
  8. Keep wall design simple.  A busy wall will make the bathroom appear smaller.  A bathroom with one major color complemented by another color for highlights is perfect for small bathrooms.

Having a small bathroom does not mean design and space can’t be maximized.  With the right fixtures and minimal furnishings, a small bathroom can look just as elegant as a big one.

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