Introducing Magic Fresh from Beaulieu!

February 1, 2011

Modern carpeting is a fantastic flooring choice for practically every room in the home. Carpet is soft to the touch, wonderful to behold and today’s carpeting is specially designed to be stain resistant and very easy to keep clean. Now, what if there were a carpet possessing all of these great qualities but could also help keep a room free of nasty odors twenty four hours a day without any extra effort on your part? Well, there is!

This amazing carpet is called Magic Fresh and it is the exclusive creation of the well known carpeting giant Beaulieu. It can only be found on carpets they manufacture.

The average home is full of odors, difficult to mask completely with cleaning and air fresheners. Cigarette and fireplace smoke, pet odors, cooking smalls and just living in the home can all be contributing factors to the way a house smells.

Magic Fresh does its job in a similar manner as that box of baking soda in your fridge does. Just without the white powdery mess and the box. It literally attracts all those iffy odors down into the carpet and neutralizes them instantly, so they never even reach your nose.

When considering purchasing carpet treated with Magic Fresh, some people worry the carpet itself will end up being a bit stinky between vacuumings. Because the odor molecules are broken down to such a microscopic level, this never happens though and the Magic Fresh carpet smells just as good as the rest of the room does.

Another question about Magic Fresh we hear a lot is how long does it take for the “Magic” to run out and the carpets goes back to being just another nice looking flooring, albeit stripped of its “super powers”. The fact is Magic Fresh should keep working for the length of the useful life of your carpet, which is about 10 years.

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