*The Natural Design of a Spa

December 26, 2010

As we go about the hustle and bustle of everyday living, stress has become a staple induced by our jobs and lifestyles.  As such, most have to find ways to de-stress and relax.  For this reason, going to the spa has become a popular destination and a lucrative business.

A critical aspect of entering the spa industry is creating an environment bringing people back to relax and leave their worries behind.  Thus, it is important to build a spa stimulating nature and all that it has to offer.  It should create an resonating atmosphere clients will not forget using the ocean, forestry, or mountains.  For this reason, spas are primarily constructed from natural materials such as hardwood or natural stone. As well as this, color themes are commonly earthy such as different hues of brown, green, and blue, accented by the rich colors of the rainbow or flowers.

Here are some of the materials commonly used in designing a spa.

1.  Wood -  Most spas are predominantly designed with wood.  Majority of the indoor area can have hardwood flooring accented by area rugs in earthy and simple colors.  Walls, ceilings, and the sauna area can also be constructed entirely from natural wood panels. Another reliable option is bamboo as it is often used for flooring, walls, ceilings, cabinetry, and even sinks.

2.  Natural Stone -  Outdoor flooring is usually made from natural stone.  Bathrooms can also be made from natural stones such as materials similar to slate or pebbles.  An addition benefit to natural stone is it’s use for under-floor heating which provide more comfort and luxury in bathroom spas.

3.  Ceramic – Another alternative to natural stone is ceramic, porcelain, or glass.  The bathroom area can be made partially or fully from ceramics. Specifically, tubs, sinks, backsplashes, and pools are primarily designed from ceramics, porcelain, or glass.  There are also ceramic tile resembling natural stone, acting as another option for outdoor or bathroom flooring. 

4.  Metal – The use of metal in spas are minimal and usually limited to plumbing fixtures or accents.  Rainfall showers or body jet sprays are a common option in bathroom spas.

Along with the previously stated design options, a relaxing spa will have plants and flora in it’s surroundings.  The outdoor areas should be landscaped to mimic true nature as much as possible.

The success of any spa relies on a conducive and natural environment as the base of its operation and proper design will enhance this. Once a relaxing atmosphere has been established, good service will do the rest!

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