*Installing Carpet Tiles

December 26, 2010

Carpet tiles are sections of carpet sized in squares instead of rolled entirely.  These come in a variety of colors, styles, and designs.  The advantages of carpet tile is its’ easy installation and repair.  Carpet tiles available in the market can either be adhesive or non-adhesive.  Adhesive type carpet tiles are installed by removing the protective sheet at the back and adhering them to the floor, while the non-adhesive types are installed using a double-sided carpet tape.  These can be installed over most types of hard flooring, except over another carpet.

As such, all carpets or other debris such as nails should be removed before installation.  Since it will be installed with adhesives, the floor should be cleaned and vacuumed extensively prior to installation.  When installing carpet tiles, it is important to start at the middle of the room, working your way toward the edges.  The edges will usually be filled by cut and shaped carpet tiles to cover the entire area fully.

To find the center of the room where the first tile will be adhered to, a chalk line should be made diagonally from one corner to the opposing parallel corner to create a big X mark within the entire area.  The center is where the 2 lines intersect. This is where the first carpet tile should be laid.

It is best not to adhere the tiles first, they should be arranged first to check the area.  After placing each tile, make a chalk line on the floor along the edges of the tile in a straight line from wall to wall to create the grid pattern.  Place each tile next to each other, moving outward from the center towards the edges. When you reach the edges of the room, cut the tile according to the shape and size to fill any gaps.

Once you have completed placing the tiles around the entire room, check to see if you are satisfied with how to floor looks, especially for carpet tiles with markings or designs.  If all is well, you can begin the process of adhering the tiles to the floor.  Again, make sure you start at the center and move outwards toward the edges.

When purchasing carpet tiles, ensure you purchase extra tiles for possible repairs and replacement. Damaged or worn out areas of the carpet can be easily repaired in the future by replacing only specific tiles.


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