*Using Recycled Glass Tiles

November 8, 2010

One of the newest and hottest trend in design is use of recycled glass tiles.  Reclaimed glass from windows, jars, or bottles are now put to better use to beautify homes.  Instead of going to the landfill, these are processed through melting and are stamped into a mold to form a unique tile, quite distinct from a ceramic tile.  Glass tiles are exclusive due to how it highlights and deepens the colors of the room.  Unlike ceramic, glass tiles also reflect light, giving any room a glimmer of elegance.  Recycled glass is commonly used as highlight for ceramic tile backsplash or as a wall tile for the bathroom. Like ceramic tiles, glass tiles are durable and resistant to moisture.  Because of this, it can now be used for swimming pools and flooring material.

Glass tiles have become popular for use with swimming pools because of the possibilities in design and its’ reflection of light.  Most are used to create wonderful glass mosaic designs, composing the swimming pool truly as a work of art.

Recycled glass tiles come in a wide variety of colors  and surfaces. They can be sandblasted, shiny, pearlescent, or matte. The smaller sizes are used primarily for mosaics but there are likewise bigger sizes and pebble-shaped tiles for use in different applications for the home. Prices depend on the finish, color of the tile and the way it was handcrafted. This can range between $4 to $90 per 12″ x 12″ sheet.

By using reclaimed or recycled glass tile, we also have a way to contribute to environmental management and take one step forward in the reduction of waste.  With creativity and innovation, humanity still finds ways to redeem itself from the negative impact it has brought nature. A wonderful way to do so is through recycled glass tiles!

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