*Tips for Pool Installation

November 14, 2010

Planning on building your own inground pool?  Pools are a great addition to any home! It provides a good exercise option for the family, not to mention the fun a child of any age can experience.

Unknown to most, pools are not an easy installation.  Though the equipment used to maintain and operate a pool are usually standardized, the structure itself offers different possibilities.  Inground pools can either be vinyl-lined, made of fiberglass, or concrete.

Vinyl-lined pools are the least expensive of the 3 options.  After excavation at the site, the wall frame will be constructed from either wood, concrete, polymer, or steel.  The floor will either be concrete or packed sand.  Once the vinyl has been lined, the site will be backfilled before the pool is filled with water.  Although cheaper, the vinyl lining will need to be replaced every decade, depending on usage.

Fiberglass pools are the easiest to install. Resisting stains and inhibiting algae growth, fiberglass pools come in a variety of shapes and are delivered on site in one piece.  Since it will be dropped on the site with a crane, consider if there is ample space for the delivery.

The most common type is a concrete pool.  Although it will take weeks to complete, the shape and design possibilities are endless.  They do require an interior finish made of either ceramics, porcelain tiles, glass tiles, or a simple concrete finish.  Concrete-finished pools will need resurfacing every 10-13 years.

Once you have decided the design and type of pool desired, the most important part is finding the right contractor to do the job.  When looking for your contractor, it is best to get references and visit those they have previously constructed.  It is also best to choose a builder who is an expert in soil evaluation and is knowledgeable in the grading, building, and zoning requirements in your area.

Remember: some communities also require pools to have a fence.  When there are kids in the house, it is advisable to place the pool in a location clearly visible from several parts of the home.  The best location is also the sunniest part of your yard where there are no trees to cover the pool or drop dead leaves onto the water.

Regular maintenance should also be a consideration for pool owners.  There are new technologies emerging every day where chemical treatment may no longer be necessary.  There are also automated cleaning systems now available in the market.  Aside from these extras, you should also consider lighting at nighttime and the landscape design surrounding the pool.  Make sure to have these planned and considered prior to construction. If so, your pool will be perfect!

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