*The Hottest Trends in Tiles

November 14, 2010

Tiles have been used for centuries in home finishing and decor.  Now, technology has made the possibilities of tile design endless in view of the different materials, colors, and sizes available.  Ceramic and porcelain tiles are commonly used for the bathroom and the kitchen because of its resistance against water and moisture.

Current trends show tiles are applied to more than just the swimming pool, bath, and kitchen.  Now, tiles have become popular as exterior walkway and patio floors.  Moreover, it  has also been used in other indoor areas such as in the surrounding area in the fireplace, highlights on bedroom walls, and even ceilings.   In most of these indoor areas, decorative tiles or those hand-painted by artisans are the preferred choice.

Other than different applications, trends have also moved towards different designs and materials. Tiles made of natural stone or those made to look like stone have also become more popular.  These types tend to look more luxurious and elegant than the common glazed ceramic or porcelain tiles.  Glass tiles have also become popular because of the deeper hues and brilliance they evoke in any room.

Since these newer type of tiles are a bit more pricey than the common tile, many homeowners and designers have also opted to mix them with ceramic tiles.  It gives a customized look, especially if applied as mosaic.

Due to the versatility of tiles and the numerous options available, tiles now bring out the creativity in designers and homeowners.  Why settle for the ordinary when the best can shine through with a complement of colors, materials, and applications?  And despite the advent of new materials such as stone, acrylic, or laminate, tiles will continue to be used as a unique decor and finish just as it had been centuries ago.

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