*Create an Eco-Friendly Bathroom

November 6, 2010

As the world continues to move in an age when natural resources are depleting and waste disposal is becoming a problem, it is now considered responsible to utilize environmentally friendly products and adopt eco-friendly practices.  The construction industry is one of the industries greatly affects the environment.  The global reduction of rain forests and trees is mainly attributed to this.  Processing of construction materials also utilizes chemicals considered to be hazardous to the environment.

Though environmental laws have now imposed restrictions aimed at protecting nature, many advocates still believe humanity must pro-actively participate in the protection of the environment to make any difference.  This involves voluntary energy and water conservation, supporting renewable products, and promoting sustainability.

For those looking to renovate or construct a new bathroom, here are some tips to create an eco-friendly one!

1)  Conserve energy and water – Use energy-efficient lighting and fixtures efficient in the conservation of water.  Take advantage of the sun’s light as much as possible.  Replace your toilets with the models proven to consume less water.  Other options include double-flush models and toilet flush sinks where water for flushing come from used water in the sink.

2)  Use Recycled and Non-toxic Materials – If you are changing tiles, use tiles containing recycled content.  For cabinetry, you can use renewable materials like bamboo or reclaimed or salvaged wood.  You can also opt for accessories that are renewable like bamboo sinks or racks.  These are the better choice over steel, laminate, or plastic.  For repainting walls, use paint with low or non-volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

3)  Buy organic toiletries and safe cleaning products -  Stay away from chemicals by using organic soap and shampoos.  Make sure your cleaning products are non-toxic.  Linens should also be organic rather than synthetic.

Sometimes, efforts like these seem unimportant considering the problems the world has with  human impact on the environment.  But we have to realize that our contribution, no matter how trivial it may seem, can make a difference.  It can spur more people to follow our practices.  Only when more people practice environmental management can we finally help nature heal itself.

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