*Ceramic Tile Floor Pattern Options to Consider

November 14, 2010

The way you have your installers lay your new ceramic tile flooring can change the overall finished look just as much as the color or pattern of the ceramic tiles you choose themselves.

Many people immediately gravitate towards the most common flooring tile layout – the standard 4-1/4 inch squares laid in a simple grid. Although, there are many other floor tile patterns you should consider to add extra interest to the appearance of the entire room, not just to the flooring itself. Here are just a few suggestions:

Diagonal Course or Diamond Pattern

Instead of having square ceramic floor tiles installed with the grout lines running horizontally and vertically, have the grout lines run at a 45 degree angle instead. No too “far out” but different enough so people will notice.

Random Pattern

This one takes a bit of careful planning but the finished effect can be absolutely stunning and certainly rather unusual. The idea is to select a tile pattern (or patterns) coming in different sizes (most of them do) and then lay it all together in a random manner, a little like a jigsaw.

Herringbone Pattern

For this one, choose rectangular tiles and have them installed so they run in a horizontal zig-zag pattern with each one at a right angle to the previous one. This is a stunning look for a kitchen with a lot of floor space.

Basket Weave Pattern

For a basket weave effect, choose rectangular tiles two or even three times as long as they are wide. Have two or three stacked horizontally adjacent to two or three vertically in a repeating pattern.

Pinwheel Pattern

This is another striking option working very well in smaller spaces as well as adding a little extra drama. In a pattern repeating across the floor, surround a square tile with four rectangular tiles, each over lapping the end of the other.

These are just a few suggestions. In reality, ceramic floor tile is so versatile you could actually create almost any floor tile pattern you can dream up.

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