*Refurbishing a Hardwood Deck Floor

October 5, 2010

Probably one of the best-looking flooring material for a deck is hardwood.  A hardwood deck is reminiscent of expensive resort hideaways or patios of luxurious homes.  The problem with hardwood floors in the outdoors is it tends to deteriorate and degrade faster than indoor hardwood flooring.  Its biggest enemy are the changes in weather, subjecting the hardwood to rain and extreme heat.  Though hardwood decks are treated with more sealants than indoor hardwood, it will still require more frequent maintenance.

You will know it’s time to refurbish your hardwood deck when the loss of color and luster is evident. The benefit to hardwood is it is durable enough to weather the abuse yet be re-stained to bring it back to its glory days.

First thing to do before actually re-staining your deck is to wash the surface of the deck with a mild detergent.  If you plan to use a power washer, make sure it is set at low settings to avoid any splintering.  After washing, you may want to check the floor for stains and other imperfections shown beyond the stain.  You may want to do a bit of sanding on them and other rough spots as well.

Subsequent to washing and sanding, you can now start taping plastic sheets to the edge and the walls along the deck to protect them from the wood stain.  Use a paint sprayer to apply the wood stain on your deck.  Start working on corners toward the center with slow back and forth motions.  While spraying, you should have a cloth on hand to wipe excess and avoid saturating the wood.

Though a water proof stain would be the best for outdoor wood, it may be an even better idea to apply a water sealant over your deck after the stain has dried.  Remember not to wait too long to refurbish your deck once it has faded and looks stripped with the necessary color and protection.  If the delay is too extended and has allowed the elements to work its way into an unprotected wooden deck, chances are the wood will start to deteriorate from the moisture and will need replacement by the time you decide to refurbish it.

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