*New Trends in Bathroom Design

October 3, 2010

As we continue to move in the 21st century, trends in bathroom design have become diverse.  These now range from traditional with clawfoot tubs to more sophisticated bathrooms equipped with features giving a full spa experience.

Though traditional bathrooms may not have a steam shower or a jacuzzi tub, trends still show these styles to be oozing with charm with a good ‘ol ceramic tub, natural stone or bamboo sinks, or vintage vanities.  On the other side of the design spectrum, modern contemporary bathrooms can be a luxurious experience with air jet tubs, steam showers, or sinks in bold new styles.

Others are creative enough to mix both traditional and modern features.  A modern shower system can still fit perfectly with a conservative tub and sink.  Materials such as wood, ceramics, or natural stone can likewise be blended to create a unique a style unlike any other.  When deciding on a bathroom design, what is essential is considering those who will be utilizing the bath and the budget you are working with.

With the limitless options on flooring, walls, back splash, plumbing fixtures, and storage, planning is essential.  Make sure to get ideas from magazines, websites, showrooms, and more.  Finding out what is available out there will help homeowners decide on what they want.  More often, preferences change once they see the possible ideas.

Even if options have increased a thousand fold, it can’t be denied, bathroom designs have become more fascinating.  The 21st century will undoubtedly bring out the ingenuity and creative flair in bathroom remodeling and construction. And there is definitely no turning back now!

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