*Choose the Right Grout for Your Tiles

October 24, 2010

For many home improvement or remodeling projects involving tiles, many place too much focus on the tile color or design so they forget to consider the color of the grout.  Traditionally, grouts are made the same color as the tiles or the closest to it.  These are classic styles — except that it will look no different that any other tile installation.  New trends, however, show grouts in contrasting or complementary colors, giving edge to bathroom designs or tile floorings.  Regardless of the personality you want to exude, it is still a good idea to look at the different design possibilities grout color can offer.

If you’re the trendy type, you may want to consider a darker grout color compared to your tile color.  It will allow the tile design to stand out more.  Darker grouts will show less stains over time.  But some do find darker grouts to look dirty at the onset.  Again, it will depend on your personality and nature.

Another option is to use light grout color to complement your tile color.  Dark brown tiles can look great with beige grout.  Then again, you can also choose the color of your highlight tiles.  A predominantly white tiled bathroom with bright green tile highlights will look different with all green grout.

You don’t have to experiment with real grout to make a decision.  If you already have your ceramic tiles, you can get an idea on how things would look if you place your tiles under different colors of construction paper to help you decide.  Would beige tiles look great with yellow grout? Is red grout acceptable with black tiles or does it work better the other way around?  Whatever you decide, here are some tips for your ceramic tile installation.

1. Once you are happy with the grout color you have chosen for your ceramic tiles, make sure you keep an extra stock of what you used for future repairs.  It is possible you may have difficulty finding the exact color in the future when you need to make touch ups or repairs.  Don’t forget to store it in a dry place.

2.  Apply sealant on your grout to keep it resistant to stains and dirt.

3.  In case you feel you’ve made a  mistake with your grout color after installation, don’t panic.  Grout can be bleached or restained even after application.

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